Saturday, September 09, 2006


Playin in stereo~"triology" Kelis

Let me give an update on what's going on with me. I finally got paid today!!!! Thank goodness, but I think there is mess up on my check. Like, they paid me my bonus for signing on, but no pay for work. What's going on with that? I need to check on that. There is some potential for there to be a serious misunderstand.

Weird things about Atlanta:

  • Strangers really don't look at you. Well, not in the face...are you all Asian or something? The eyes speak volumes though, so sometimes I understand avoiding the contact. (especially, if you think someone is attractive)

  • Customer service is the worst! My friend goes in BeBe terrible. I'm like how much do u need to spend to be treated nicely around here.

  • The roads! I can't get over it! I was here a few months ago for an internship and I'm still like what the f*ck.

  • People actually duplicate the styles they see on t.v. Not only do people do them, but some of these ppl do them all wrong. I.E. the mohawk...this boy put some product in his hair and had the mohawk in the middle. I was like, is he serious. I was trying hard not to stare, because I didn't want any trouble, but I was intrigued. I wanted to pull the camera phone out and take a picture and send it to my friends.

The good things:

  • The people look nice! They dress up for just about everything. Everyone wants to be fly. It's cute, but can make u feel like "I need to step the game up"

  • The stunner shades....I love them! I want some, but I would feel like I'm trying and I DON'T TRY. I just AM.

  • There is always something to do.
I haven't been to any clubs here. Actually, I haven't been to any clubs period. It's the church boy in me. I started to go tonight (club 112 was free all night), but again, the church boy thought that wasn't a good look. I have been out since my last post. I went to dinner party at South City Kitchen. I give it a thumbs up (nice setting and good food..kinda pricey). Still don't have a social group yet, but that will come. I'm just so cautious of connecting with ppl.


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