Sunday, August 13, 2006

What is love?

I have had this thought for some time. What is love? The term love is used so often and so freely that it has lost it's value. It's use to get sex, stop an argument, etc. I really pondered this question when my great uncle re-married. He re-married because he want someone there with him. I don't think he was in love nor is he in love now. He just wanted the opposite sex around (that's my assumption mixed with his carefully chosen words), but my goodness would you go as far as marrying a person because you want someone to take care of you? I know love can be formed in several ways mother and son, friends, but I talking about romantic/relationship love. Is it really the feeling you get in your stomach or I can't get over them, so it had to be love. I remember this one woman saying that she could not eat because she could see her ex boyfriend face in the food. I'm like WHAT TYPE OF stuff did he do to you? You see his face in your food? Something is seriously wrong with you.

I'm not sure what love is, but I do know love is long suffering, patient, and kind. With that said, I realize all of those characteristics are things you choose to be do. So is love a choice? Give me your feedback


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous kennyking78 said...

"Love" is not a choice. I do, however, think that that the degree in which you decide to show "Love" is a choice.


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