Friday, August 18, 2006

This is it (quick post)

U-HAUL check

Money check

Packed check

Fight with my mother about money. Check! We keep having the issue of money. Like she "misquotes" prices or something to that affect and spends the left over money. This has happen twice and we had another problem today, but it was solved quickly. I think it kinda hurt her when I let it be known I don't trust you with my money. "You have done this twice." I'm ready ATLANTA, Ga. It's for good this time. My friends/brothers are coming up, but not helping me move. Aint that some mess. One is coming to shop. The other just wants to be noisey, I'm sure. How is he living? The first is doing something the same thing, I'm sure. The other is already there. I'm ready to catch up with my brother. He has been in Boston, which he hates. I'm recruiting him to Atlanta slowly.


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