Thursday, July 06, 2006


Playing~"Seven whole days"-Toni

  • India Arie albums debuts at #1! I'm so happy for her! I need to go get that. I've heard a few songs.
  • The month of July doesn't stop for me. It's crazy! Every weekend I have plans or someone has plans for me.
  • I have been eating like a mad man.
  • I'm mad about re-living apart of my life, but I'm at peace with it (kinda).
  • Next week is a monster...PRAY FOR ME!
  • I have the tendency to like and dis-like someone for the same character trait....crazy, right?
  • I just started paying Star Jones some attention and I like how she is dealing with a this View thing. I like to see how ppl handle controversy.
  • This underground rap (Plies) decided to shot up my hometown.
  • Have you ever met someone who was so attractive that you couldn't look them in the face?
  • The girl who stood me up in Atlanta called me Saturday. I gave her a good 5-10 mins, but I was at a pool party. I'm not pressed to call back.
  • The ex who got married and didn't invite me to the wedding...I ran into her. She wants to catch-up
  • Ran into my bf we are suppose to eat lunch tomorrow. That is if her husband approves. Who is also my "bf".
  • I have a tendency to attract people who are already attached. I don't know what's that about.

I usually give bullets, when I'm trying give a brief update.

playing~"Stranger in my house"-Tamia

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At 12:30 AM, Blogger lj said...

bf satands for best friend right?

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