Monday, July 10, 2006

The face behind the words.

"Give me face I love to shine"-Big Mike "Kryptonite

This week is going to be terrible! This week is going to be busy, but I will rejoice and be glad in it. I should be really stressed, but I feel at easy. hhmm...this is what happens when you excersie some faith.

You know the saying "What is meant to be will be". What do you think about that? What if we possess the power to make something be or not. Not leaving it up to fate. What if we would have tried one more time? What if we would have put a little more energy into, would it have worked? Or do we hold on to this saying, which at times comes across as a cop out to me personally. Anyway, give me your thoughts.

My friends are going to be so mad at me. My phone is staying off. Straight to voicemail everyone goes...sorry guys I'll be back Sunday or so.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Rose said...

Growing up my mother used to say God knows every hair on your head. He made you. He knows your moves and what you are going to do. So many say whatever happens will happen. It is the plan. But I have one problem with that, and I am still working on it. Some say that we have free choice to live as Christians but that we can still go to hell, even though God knows who is going. If that is true, is faith really sealed? So can our actions change our course? Okay, maybe I am off target.

At 11:24 PM, Blogger Rose said...

Was rambling so that I forgot to say great picture....

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Dayne Avery said...

I believe everyone has the power to help shape their fate. Ultimately, some things are just going to happen. However, most times we have the power to help things happen (or not). I agree with you that many people use "what is meant to be..." as a cop out. Why when something good happens people say "oh what a blessing" yet when bad things happen "it just wasnt meant to be"?

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous kennyking78 said...

Hey, great picture.

For me, "What is meant to be will be" is not a cop out. If used properly, that saying should not come up until after you have done everything humanly possible in a situation. It is sort of a faith thing. You and God either working together and agreeing or disagreeing. Take a job interview, for instance, I can put forth my best foot and shine at the interview. Afterwards I would pray and think to myself "Whatever is meant to be will be." Now, if God is in agreement with my actions then I will get the job. If not, I wont't. It is faith tool. If I put no effort forth into getting the job then I would have no business in saying, "Whatever is meant to be will be." It could almost be the cousin to "Faith without works is dead", but that is another conversation.


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