Thursday, June 08, 2006

In the background~"Never Love Again"-Anthony H.

Today, I felt like I was slowly being drained. I think because I made a statement to myself and later faltered on it. Not only did I falter, I consciously did it. Of course, it was not worth it. Usually, you have the delayed...."Why did I do that s**t". There was no delay in my regret. If anything I had a pre feeling. (NO I DIDN'T HAVE SEX!) Right now, I feel something I usually don't feel...Needy. Mr. My Truth, needs someone to hold him down. I need to feel that embrace that makes you feel protected when you are completely vulnerable. You are pouring out all that you are (good and bad) and it's been being absorbed with gladness. I better be over this by tomorrow. I don't have time for this emotional crap. I have too much crap to do. I actually have a test tomorrow. Why am I still taking test? This school stuff is suppose to be over.

Extra tidbits

  • The yota (my car) will have it's a/c back. Thank God riding around with out an a/c is terrible (1.5 year). You can't be fly sweating and crap. Knowing ppl who can work on cars is a blessing. Toyota wanted to charge me $788.83. My mom found someone who could do it for $340. Turns out I didn't need all of the work they suggested. How am I going to find these ppl in Atlanta?
  • I received a rebate from Comcast! Pay ME! My first bill was $223. Boy, this money is coming back in time. A brother is living off saving until I move back to Atlanta.
  • Freak I need a date! A brother needs some conversation. My friends aren't doing it for me. Actually, they are getting on my nerves. I have an issue. I have the perpotency to not do people on almost every level. I think I will blog about that issue. It's a concern of mine.

In the background~"a house isn't a home"-Aretha F. (she sung the crap out of this)


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Ty said...

Awww, mytruth needs a hug. Sometimes I enjoy my melancholy periods. It causes me to introspect. I believe that it is a healthy emotion when you try to find the inherent reason for the gloom and then work it out. I believe that rushing through it to make yourself feel better without finding that reason will lead to depression. I feel that too many African Americans do this which leads to so many of us who do not know who they really are and are mentally, emotionally, financially and even physically destructive to self and others. Just my feeling and not saying that you are destructive at all, just a side note.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger 4GOTTEN1 said...

I know how you feel man we all get that feeling from time to time. We all just want to be loved and know someone is in our corner even if we don't want to admit it. Shit if you ever wanted to talk man I'm just one call away.


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