Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm taking my freedom (trying to)

*silence in the atmosphere*

Life presents circumstances that leads us into place with limits, clouds our self-esteem, and floods our mind with doubt. So much so, our goals and dreams seem locked away from us, we question ourselves and our abilities. We are trapped in a form of bondage. Sure, you walk around freely, because this war takes place in the mind. This battle goes beyond what the human eye can see. Your friends, family nor enemies can see this. This battle is in your head, so no one can see your struggle. Oh no, my friend, this battle is between you and yourself. Despite the fact that uncertain wears you like a garment and the circumstances seem to be beyond your control. You control this battle and the victory lies within you.

*That just came off the top of my head. I guess, I should say from my heart. From out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. I have so much to say right now. Unedited my truth


At 9:26 PM, Blogger fuzzy said...

Many battles are fought with oneself. Some are willfully lost and others are hardly fought. We have to pick and choose our battles and not let them pick us. In the event that we are chosen by out battles, wwe must be prepared.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Jazz said...

This is so true. A very deep post. Battles about our lives and actions usually plays out of our heads first. Many folks just can't take it a step further and live it.


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