Sunday, May 28, 2006

Someday we will all be free

Silence is in the background


This weekend has been quite eventful. Thursday and Friday I really enjoyed me. Not really answering calls, just sitting, reading, thinking and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm an only child, so I need at least one day out of the week to just be with myself.

Well, Saturday comes myself and several other family members decide to pick up a few dollars and work for my aunt and her husband. We are working and the pay is not matching the labor, so people start grumbling and I knew things had the potential to get explosive. Sure enough, there was an altercation and the place was turned out. So much so, one of my aunts had to be escorted off the premises. I missed all of that and I'm happy I did. I have overcome my temper, but I can't take a lot of commotion all at once because it sneaks me and somebody ends up with more than they desired. People are pretty much over it now, but there are still some words that will be said to both my aunt and her husband. Lawd, bless my aunt she tries her best to stay out of it because she is screwed if she speaks either way.

Later that night my mother and I talked about some of everything. We discussed everything from family secrets, her personal secrets, sexuality, and God. Some of the secrets my mother revealed scared me, hurt me, and piss me off. Now I have to carry this crap to my grave. I'm my mother's outlet, so I get a lot, but last night may have been too much. Some of the secrets blew me away. I felt like Milkman from Song of Solomon. I just finished Song of Solomon by the way. The thought has entered my several times to write a book about my mother and her life. She could definitely get a full day on Oprah. Sometimes I look at her, her mother, and her sisters and I wonder how they overcame. No doubt they are scared, bruised and effected to this very day, but they overcame and they are glad about it. I think about some of the things I have been through and some of it is day time television worthy or at least a few pages in a Some of the stuff I'm just learning to appreciate those incidents made me ME! Never underestimate the human spirit, I guess.

I'm enjoying being home, but I do realize my season here is coming to a close. In august, I'll be back in Atlanta starting my job and trying to establish things there. I was there for two months and was out of the loop. Trying to re-establish another social network is going to be something. I'm so accustom to things like they are, but when I look around they have changed too. I'm certain to find more of my truth on this journey.

"Some day we will be free"-Donny spoke the truth


At 8:09 PM, Blogger chris said...

nice post. everybody has secrets...everybody.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger blkbutterfly said...

i sometimes feel the same way you do after hearing family secrets. however, i live far away from home, and can thus insulate myself a bit.

At 1:25 AM, Blogger 2006 said...

I used to think my family was perfect, but nobody is. Every family has secrets and there are some things I'd rather not know...let it remain a secret.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Clay said...

it is always good to go back to your roots and pull some stuff up ... even if it is frustrating


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