Monday, March 06, 2006

what da bleep????

"These are lies"-my truth

Someone should have warned me before I came to the A. This place doesn't have a wal-mart....I was floored. Nobody gave me any type of can't surprise me like that.
*****warning short story******
We were looking for directons to a wal-mart in atlanta, but we couldn't find any on mapquest. The nearest one was in Morrow, which isn't far at all, but I was truly gone when I couldn't find a wal-mart in Atlanta, Ga itself. Well, I found one on Mapquest, but I couldn't click on it for directions. Me being the smart guy I am, I go to They give me directions. Okay, family lets go! We drive there and guess what. The wal-mart is not open yet, so to Morrow we go.
Somebody needs their bleep beat

This staff here aren't that bright. They keep painting off the doors over and over. Guess what that does causes the door to act stupid. Something is funky about my door/doorknob. I have actually been locked in my apartment and couldn't get out. I have also been locked out like 4 times. Not because of the key, but because the doorknob is catching something. I finally figured out the rigged door. I'm like what the funk. My hands are still a little tender from the battles with this door. I'm like darn, I understand this is not trump towers, but we MUST do better than this. This is definitely a temporary spot. My friend and I decided to help each other. She need a sublease and I needed a short term lease. Our schedules worked, so we are good.
Man, it expensive to have a good time here. All the concerts are like $35+. This paying for parking has to stop! I'm like darn!!!! However, I must do my first social event soon. I need to call alumni bruh from FAMU. Any suggestion on place I must go to, let me know. Lord, I'm so happy we finally I have cable and internet now. I was dying a slow death over here. Holla


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