Friday, March 03, 2006


This morning I feel loved. My family is traveling with me to Atlanta, Ga. They dare not let their baby boy travel alone. I'm realizing more and more this trip is about them, not me.

My friends tried to throw me a surprise party, but I spoiled it because ppl were so late and I was one time. Darn me for being so on point. I beat everyone to the apartment. The brothers gave me a BIG card signed by everyone and the sis. showed love too.

Okay, folks I still have an hour worth of filing to do and last min. items to pack. We always think we have more time until we run out. LAWD, WHY DO I set myself up. I'm off....lets see how long it takes for me to get the internet. You know I'm a addict for this net.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger *Madosi said...

hey man, hope you have a great time in my home. enjoy yourself!


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