Thursday, March 09, 2006


edit: "We are where we choose to be"-floetry

Again, I am my worst enemy. Today, I sat here alone wanting to do lunch with a friend, but I don't call anyone. Over analyzing the situation and I end up doing nothing. *sigh* Then, Fantasia comes on as I was venting to a friend on AIM and says Free Yourself. At that moment, I'm like here I ago again hold myself back. I get on the phone make some calls. I get calls back with 15 mins. Next thing you know, I have a lunch date with a lady I will call Ms. Toni (she reminds me of Toni off girlfriends). Now, I have an associate I need to call back maybe I will have a Friday night event to attend. Maybe I will stop thinking and call a particular blogger. Set yourself free

without love we are nothing

Playing~"Through with love" -DC

Mood: I can't be pleased *blah*

Today, I just want to go out with friends eat at some restaurant and just talk about whatever. PROBLEM!!! I don't know anyone here. The ppl I know I won't go out to lunch with to talk about my business. I need my friends, to laugh and explore the city. I haven't been out much. I'm trying to save my money so that I can go to the Hero concert (Mary Mary & Kirk). That's an excuse though, I could do better. I am learning a place a day though. I try to avoid the traffic, b/c I'm learning placs. The week has pass and I still haven't got the place down yet. I need to call my cousin and bruh who are up here. I'm close to them though, so they will just be substitutes for my friends. Maybe I need to call this particular blogger or a associate of mine. I have a friend who is up here. I need to call her back. Maybe we can do lunch tomorrow....Friends how many of us have them?


At 2:08 AM, Blogger Rose said...

Call your relative and just go out to have fun and to get to know the place. Make some new friends..


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