Monday, March 20, 2006

Things that make u go hhhmmm

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Everyone who knows me, know that I am pretty accepting of everyone. Do you for Christ sake! That doesn't mean I'm going to be in your corner, but it does mean that I feel like you can express yourself without me trying to change that. I said all that to give you all this story.

"Where I am from if you are like that you don't tell anyone."
This guy who I had to work with made that comment about the gay males in Atlanta. I myself haven't really been out much, but it does seem to be more homosexuality here across the board. I original thought he made this comment because of his religious beliefs. He made mention of a singles conference a few times before he made that comment. When he said this I must admit I was a bit taken back, because he did fit several stereotypes of a gay male (I use the word stereotype purposefully). stereotypes such as using his hands to talk, adding an s to just about everything, limp wrist. He was like Tyler Perry in character (don't get distracted I know ppl have opinions about him). Well, my original thought of it being a religion issue was shot down when I heard this.

"They both want to do it, but they want me involved"
He was referring to a threesome. I was like WHAT! This guy just came from a singles conference and he is talking about having a threesome. Grant we all have experience a moment of temptation after church. Shoot while you were in church, but I'm sure we shot it down. Well, some of us anyway. Okay, back to my point, he just bashed gay people, but he is talking about threesomes and carrying on. It doesn't stop there

"I go to strip clubs for the music"
WHAT! He knows the strip clubs in Atlanta very well per his words. I'm sorry if you every catch me in a strip club(u won't), I'm not there for the music. I'm there to see the dancers dance. There is a lot of stuff to be said here, but I must move on because guess what there is more.

"I can't wait until I get off so I can get me something to drink"
You guessed it folks, he isn't talking about kool-aid. He is talking about alcohol. This border alcoholism to me. Why? It was like 11am. "You can drink if it's after 12pm anywhere in the world." In his defense he doesn't drink every day per his words.

"Judge not unless you be judge in the same manner" Okay, folks give me your feedback on this gentlemen. I have a few opinions here, but I want yours.

*I'm writing my post several days ahead and publishing them later.* Work is terrible, this schedule is not allowing me to explore the city really.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Never satisfied

"My truth this is it...what is your problem"-reality check (my friend)

I know I just made this post about being content, but this week and some parts of last week. I was like what the bleep. After having that internal frustration that you generate within your mind because a fallacy that you create is not coming true. I think my major problem is I brought into the illusion. The more you experience, the more you realize nobody or nothing owes you anything. Even if you feel like you do everything right. Stuff happens right?

Sometimes you have to realize you are blessed. I wanted to move to Atlanta, Ga, but I won't come without a job. Well, I have both and guess what. I had complaints. I'm subleasing and I'm hating the place. The location is awesome, but the place arrgghh. I got a job. It's not ideal, so I was pissed about that. I was like I hate it! I can't have fun because I'm people challenged (only know a few people and they don't know nothing) and I keep getting lost. I was getting frustrate with my answered prayer. Then, I realize I needed to shut up! I'm blessed! In everything give thanks

Ran into an old associate and I had a great time. He is a riot. I enjoyed myself. The universe will bring whatever you want to you. You want to be pissed about everything, it will give you more things to be pissed about and vice versa

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Monday, March 13, 2006


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Where do I start? First day at work....LAWD HAVE MERCY! I'm looking dumb in the face. If you tell me 40 hours a week, that means 9-5 M-F. Well, these sons of a guns include weekends in the 40 hours...wtbleep. My friends are schedule to come this weekend and we were suppose to take over the city. They will be on their own most of the time, these people have me working. I haven't told them yet, they are going to flip. THIS IS PURE EVIL! How am I suppose to enjoy the A and I'm working all type of funky hours. I expected to work some strange hours sometimes, but not often. The other intern was freaked out too. Well, this schedule is just random as all get out. I got something for that resume will be going out soon.

Okay, I'm having an issue. What's going on with married folks? I know two of my friends who are dealing with a married person. They are backing off, because it is clearly going in the wrong direction. Heck, I could end up in the same situation if I'm not carefully. However, I refuse to be tacky, I know how to ignore people. MARRIED FOLK GET IT TOGETHER!

There has to be a wal-mart here. I can't keep going to Morrow, Ga to get my low prices. What is this all about? Someone help me out! The social scene in Atlanta.....where is it? I don't know where to go or nothing. HELP! Well, I've learned about a few food places from a blogger, but I want to know about the poetry, comedy clubs...can a brother get a grown and sexy lounge spot.

My lunch date stood me up. She didn't even call me back when I called. That's weird because she is usually the one who hits me up. Just when I thought I was winning. Alright folks (well, whomever reads readship has hit a all time low.)

"You got me waiting"~Fantasia

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I will get there

Edit:Boyz II Men~"I will get there"
I've been wanderin' 'round in the dark Been lost somewhere where no light could shine on my heart I have known a pain so deep But I know my faith will free me [Get there] And I'll get through this [Get there] I'll find my way again So don't tell me that it's over 'Cause each step just gets me closer (I will get there) I will get there (I will get there) I will get there somehow Cross that river (Cross that river) Nothing's stoppin' me now I will get through the night (Oh, yes, I will) And make it through to the other side (Get there) Get there (Get there) Get there

I've been in these chains for so long I'll break free and I'll be there where I belong Hold my head up high, I'll stand tall And I swear this time I won't fall [Get there] I will do this [Get there] No matter what it takes 'Cause I know no limitations And I'll reach my destination, I will get there I will get there (I will get there) I will get there (Ooh) somehow (Somehow) Cross that river (Cross that river) Nothing's stoppin' me now I will get through the night And make it through to the other side (Ooh, get there) Get there (Get there) Get there

Well, the night is cold and dark But somewhere the sun is shining And I'll feel it shine on me I'll keep on tryin', I'll keep on tryin' I will get there (I will get there) I will get there somehow Cross that river (Cross that river) Nothing's stoppin' me now I will get through the night And make it through to the other side Get there, get there I will get there (I will get there) I will get there somehow (Somehow) Cross that river (I'll cross that river for you) Nothing's stoppin' me now (OhwhoaI) I will get through (Through) the night And make it through to the other side (Ohhoohho) (Get there) Get there (Ooh, get there) Get there (Whoaoh) I will get there (I will get there) I will get there somehow (Somehow)

Thursday, March 09, 2006


edit: "We are where we choose to be"-floetry

Again, I am my worst enemy. Today, I sat here alone wanting to do lunch with a friend, but I don't call anyone. Over analyzing the situation and I end up doing nothing. *sigh* Then, Fantasia comes on as I was venting to a friend on AIM and says Free Yourself. At that moment, I'm like here I ago again hold myself back. I get on the phone make some calls. I get calls back with 15 mins. Next thing you know, I have a lunch date with a lady I will call Ms. Toni (she reminds me of Toni off girlfriends). Now, I have an associate I need to call back maybe I will have a Friday night event to attend. Maybe I will stop thinking and call a particular blogger. Set yourself free

without love we are nothing

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Mood: I can't be pleased *blah*

Today, I just want to go out with friends eat at some restaurant and just talk about whatever. PROBLEM!!! I don't know anyone here. The ppl I know I won't go out to lunch with to talk about my business. I need my friends, to laugh and explore the city. I haven't been out much. I'm trying to save my money so that I can go to the Hero concert (Mary Mary & Kirk). That's an excuse though, I could do better. I am learning a place a day though. I try to avoid the traffic, b/c I'm learning placs. The week has pass and I still haven't got the place down yet. I need to call my cousin and bruh who are up here. I'm close to them though, so they will just be substitutes for my friends. Maybe I need to call this particular blogger or a associate of mine. I have a friend who is up here. I need to call her back. Maybe we can do lunch tomorrow....Friends how many of us have them?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My worst enemy

"the enemy in ah me"

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Sometimes we are our worst enemy! It's like we set ourselves up for failure and with out regard we stay on the path of destruction. Our emotions, ill-logic, procrastination, etc sets us up every time. Knowing our vice(s) and not making adjust is murder. However, I find that we take some comfort in our vice(s). They bring some form of pleasure. If they didn't, we won't continue to utilize them. I guess the question is..........what do we do with our habits that lead to unproductive things. Habits that bear no fruit, camouflages itself as pleasure, but is truly a problem. What do u do with your vices?

Playing~ "Free Yourself"-Fantasia

Monday, March 06, 2006

what da bleep????

"These are lies"-my truth

Someone should have warned me before I came to the A. This place doesn't have a wal-mart....I was floored. Nobody gave me any type of can't surprise me like that.
*****warning short story******
We were looking for directons to a wal-mart in atlanta, but we couldn't find any on mapquest. The nearest one was in Morrow, which isn't far at all, but I was truly gone when I couldn't find a wal-mart in Atlanta, Ga itself. Well, I found one on Mapquest, but I couldn't click on it for directions. Me being the smart guy I am, I go to They give me directions. Okay, family lets go! We drive there and guess what. The wal-mart is not open yet, so to Morrow we go.
Somebody needs their bleep beat

This staff here aren't that bright. They keep painting off the doors over and over. Guess what that does causes the door to act stupid. Something is funky about my door/doorknob. I have actually been locked in my apartment and couldn't get out. I have also been locked out like 4 times. Not because of the key, but because the doorknob is catching something. I finally figured out the rigged door. I'm like what the funk. My hands are still a little tender from the battles with this door. I'm like darn, I understand this is not trump towers, but we MUST do better than this. This is definitely a temporary spot. My friend and I decided to help each other. She need a sublease and I needed a short term lease. Our schedules worked, so we are good.
Man, it expensive to have a good time here. All the concerts are like $35+. This paying for parking has to stop! I'm like darn!!!! However, I must do my first social event soon. I need to call alumni bruh from FAMU. Any suggestion on place I must go to, let me know. Lord, I'm so happy we finally I have cable and internet now. I was dying a slow death over here. Holla

Friday, March 03, 2006


This morning I feel loved. My family is traveling with me to Atlanta, Ga. They dare not let their baby boy travel alone. I'm realizing more and more this trip is about them, not me.

My friends tried to throw me a surprise party, but I spoiled it because ppl were so late and I was one time. Darn me for being so on point. I beat everyone to the apartment. The brothers gave me a BIG card signed by everyone and the sis. showed love too.

Okay, folks I still have an hour worth of filing to do and last min. items to pack. We always think we have more time until we run out. LAWD, WHY DO I set myself up. I'm off....lets see how long it takes for me to get the internet. You know I'm a addict for this net.