Thursday, February 16, 2006

No more Mr. Nice Guy
I cut off my high speed internet the end of Jan. and I decided to use the school's dial up. Well, little did I remember there is a minute limit. I ran out of my mins. for the month. Thus, no internet for me. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK! I'm in a computer lab now using their wireless internet. This is a mess! I can't believe it. If anyone read the previous post, I let it go. He will reap what he sowed. I'm waiting for it all to fall down on him. He lies so much, he believes the lies. He talks to me like regular and all. I love everyone, so I have no problems talking to him.

This weekend maybe my last BSU/BHM/FISS weekend: Fashion Show, Comedy Show, and Step show! So for the next few days I will be out and about. I just notice Miss. Suezette has organized a little bash for all the alumni, so this will be interesting. Other than that, I'm chillin' and finally gettting some use out of my laptop that I got for graduation. I will have updates after this weekend. I still can't believe I'm moving in two weeks. It's moving? I will be living so humble, because I'm trying to save money and do it BIG later.

Even with the internet off, I'm going to try and keep up with everyone and blog as usual. Twice a week or so...u know.


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