Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm back with a lot to say

Lord, what's going on with Ray? Is he alright? I don't know what to say anymore.

Playing- "Cry Out" by Stephen Hurd

This weekend was great! I traveled to GA to attended a mini verse of a leadership summit and I was definitely hazed (sleep deprived). A lot of work was accomplished and I got to know several brothers better. I visited this storefront church and the service was great. The sermon was all in my personal conversation the night before. Sunday afternoon, I traveled to Atlanta, GA to find an apartment. I advise anyone to use promove if they are looking for an apartment. They are great! They negotiate deals for you and everything free of charge. Their only request is that you tell the renter who sent you to their apartment complex. My agent is going to be piss though. After all of that work, I decided to take a sublease that doesn't benefit him at all. Sorry, I have to muster up the nerve to break the news to him.

I almost died twice this weekend. Once traveling to the small town in GA. It was dark, raining hard and I was lost. Somehow I ended up in the lane for oncoming traffic. I thought it was the turning lane and I'm looking at this truck that is slowly coming towards me with a perplexed look. "What is he doing coming into my lane?" "Oh My God I'm in his lane" throws car in reverse quick...bust out w/ laughter. Other incident was in Atlanta. Darn, you all! I missed when the lanes separate, but still had time to get over. "Darn, I miss my exit!" Trying to speed to jump in lane quickly. "What is a car doing in the middle of the road?!" Next thing you know I'm swerving everywhere. My bruh, "take your foot off the brake" Thank God! No one was close to me.

Playing "Tis so sweet" Shea Norman

I have been praying that the lord really makes things clear to me on which way I should go. Move to Atlanta or pass on this opportunity and wait until somethings clear up on the home base. I don't want to have the what ifs. I need to know when things get hard that I'm on the right path. So far, I'm getting little signs, nothing concrete. I need to fast or something.

I feel good spiritually. Something has happen on the inside that has brought about an undeniable joy that is calming. It's beautiful! I think it comes from that sermon Sunday and me embracing the message. I've received a lot of bad news death, friend got some bad news (this is why I'm waiting to have sex), denial letter, etc.

Extra, Extra, Extra

Have you ever just thought to yourself. I'm fine today! Nobody has anything on me. I am the best dress, looking, etc. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof.

Okay, I have a small issue w/ someone. They are killing me. Have someone every tried to prove something to you, but the more they try the more they prove the exact oppossite. I'm like dude you are trying to hard. I don't care! You don't have anything to prove. I'm cool with you either way. We are friends nothing will change. This dude is in some type of denial. I'm like dude chill....Serioiusly, I don't care!

Playing-"Deliverance will come" Shea Norman (THIS DUDE CAN SING!) He is hitting Bflat and C a capella with easy it seems


At 3:56 PM, Blogger DizYaBoy said...

nice post!

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Ya boy Maurice said...

dude so true~! It seems that the more you put into it the more that they steer the other way


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