Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Checkin' in

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I didn't do much, went to church. I was tired, but I was like I can't be tacky and miss church on the day we decided to celebrate his birth. Gifts: I got my mom a mp3 player. She really doesn't know what she is doing, but she is enjoying it. Gave her $50 and a letter that I wrote to here, which caused me to get really emotionally (I don't know what's been up with me lately). Ate and chilled with family that was my Christmas. Oh she brought me a suite, which was my only request. The letter was the most important thing to me. It expressed so much.
Playing: "You don't want Drama" 8 ball MJG

***Warning TMI and Sexual comment(s)*****
"My heart don't got nothing to do with my penis"
I'm in church and why does "my friend" decide to wake up and introduce himself to everyone sitting on the pew with me. A brother is trying to get his Jesus on and he decides to rise. " I can't believe this..[moves Bible]." I promise, I wasn't thinking anything sexual. This thing has a mind of it's own. It's been showing out lately literally. An associate is reading on with me and the pastor is closing (I'm like thank God! I got this big Bible..this would be embarrassing). "Everyone stand please stand" "Oh my God!" I will join everyone and mash it down against the pew in front of me. Nawl, that will not work, they will see the print. I bow my head like I'm praying (hopefully ppl thought I was really praying and didn't assume the truth). Well, I am praying. "God, please let this go way." It subsides and I join everyone standing. I don't know why this keeps happening. I think it's abstinence thing, because this is getting outrageous. It's like all the time for like a month now. God why did u give us all of this(desire, passion,etc.), if we are suppose to wait until marriage. Jeez!
***Okay, back to the good guy******
Love Jones is my favorite movie. It was a real portrayal of people in our age range. All of us aren't rich and fabulous (Best man and the rest of cliches). We are thinkers, unsure of what we want, finding our way, and multi-layered people. I keep watching it. My mom ordered some DVDs. I requested that and Color Purple. Color Purple is really a deep movie. It's so much to discuss regarding gender, sexuality, etc. That movie will make you ANGRY! I need to find a little job until February. A brother needs some income until I move to ATL. My first real job! I have to get some more dress shirts. If anyone has some survivor tidbits for Atl, please share. Got some books to keep the mind sharp and I'm chillin'

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Hey, check out that Anthony Hamilton cd (aint nobody worryin') is fiyah! Everyones talking about Mary and Jamie...Anthony is where it's at. Mary my peeps, but the album is solid, nothing to rave about. I'm tell y'all Anthony Hamilton is not a joke. Oh I'm standing on what I said on my last post. I'm doing and feeling good!


At 5:33 AM, Blogger So!ConFuSeD said...

lmao!-***Warning TMI and Sexual comment(s)***** has to b one of the funniest stories i have read in blogs. it had me laughin so hard i think i had enough for tonight or should i say this mornin so yes yes yes i am checkin out

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Troy N. said...

I felt like I was reading my very own thoughts. This was great; loved every word and by the way, Nice suit!

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you were very embarassed when that happen. Just one word to help you along the way until you release your love and passion....briefs!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Sunshine said...

My boyfriend likes Anthony Hamilton. I may have to go pick that up for him and surprise him.

Sorry to hear about your boner in the middle of church service. *snicker* I've gotten a little "moist" during certain choir selections so don't feel too bad. I swear, some of those songs have a distinctive R&B flavor to them....

At 1:20 AM, Blogger fratman1906 said...

rotflmao about the church scene. I know it was not funny at the time, but CHURCH??? Perhaps you were responding to the "minister of music." Shem hotep.

At 1:59 AM, Blogger mytruth said...


Yes, I need to buy some briefs, I don't like them though, but they are in order.

It's worth it, buy it.

@Fratman She is cute, but not that cute. I'm telling you, it was nothing I did.

At 2:00 AM, Blogger TrinaBeingTrina said...

Getting a boner in church was hilarious...Anthony Hamilton,I love his music,so I'm going to pick up the cd since you are raving about it...Color purple is my all time favorite movie. I actually know all the words..My friends think I'm crazy.

At 2:27 AM, Blogger LivingSingle said...

Well at least I now know I'm not the only one whose mind wanders 'there' while in church lol. I know, I'm bad.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger mytruth said...

NO, NO, has a mind of it's own. It was not me!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Jamal K. Franklin said...

Yea - briefs will do the trick everytime - and your grown ass better not go out an buy no damn tighty whities...get some nice patterned boxer briefs - they do the trick every time...

Coming Into Reality,


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