Friday, November 25, 2005

The masquerade

"If we could be transparent, so many people could be helped"-Metri & Ben
I don't want to be a superhero. Some how I have acquired this status. I think we create thing without knowing it. We present a certain face with friends and love ones and they expect us to live up to it. And if you aren't wise, you will try to. Don't hold me to anything you established for me. However, I think we foster this type of relationship without being conscious of it. We do things to make sure we are perceived a certain way and that perception becomes reality for those who know us. Thus, we try to live up to a fallacy, which cause you to be ashamed when you don't live up to whatever fallacy people have brought into. This is how people end up living a lie. Has anyone experience this? It's very difficult to be transparent these days, because we all have to keep up the facade of whatever imagine we have created. I'm sorry, sometimes I let myself down, so I know I'm going to let you down. I can't be perfect. All of these flaws make us beautifully human. We are contradiction (sometimes). We do backwards crap.

"Perfect" -Simple Plan (great song)

Confession is good for the soul! My friends and I have been laying down the bags we carry by just being real with each other. This is what's going on and this is how I feel about it. It's was so good to remove the mask and say this is what's up. Of course, you don't tell all your business, but it's good to just relate and put the truth out there. I'm a mess and things aren't all that.

"Open up my heart" Yolonda Adams
* I made minor changes to the blog tell me what u think.*

I am bored! There is nothing to do, I can't even watch class. Something is wrong with the site. Thanksgiving, Turkey day whatever you want to call it was uneventful. Booooo...the food was par and we usually burn. A brother vision is getting weak. I can feel the difference in my vision from time to time. I noticed it for the first time like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I woke up and it was dark. I felt one eye stretching trying to gain vision and the other narrowing. Plus, my friend noticed it yesterday. Your boy doesn't look cock or weak eyed at all. I'm at the computer too much. I talk to friends, watch lectures, surf all the time (at least 6 hours a day).


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Shawn said...

Living transparently is just as difficult as living a masqueraqe. Transparency makes you very vulnerable; too many people like to take advantage of others when they sense a weakness.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger TrinaBeingTrina said...

I must have been transparent and you could see what I was feeling because for some strange reason I have become some type of superhero to my friends. I have become Dr. Phil and Dr. Ruth all rolled into one. I don't know how that happened but I've been able to live up to their expectations and be their 24 hour advise service.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger ProfessorGQ said...

I hope Christmas is better!


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