Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Get my stuff together

"If it isn't love" New Edition

I'm not on my stuff! Have you ever sat back and realize how much time you waste in a day? It's shameful! Something is seriously wrong. I've been in and out of this funk since my dad pass...I must get my swagger back. Have I consistently had my swagger? hhhmm.
"I apologize"-Anita Baker

My "official" grade for economics is not what my take home copy states. If the "official" grade is right, I'm screwed! Yesterday, I just had to back off of school. Doubt came in like crazy, but I refused to entertain it. However, I am still on a miniature emotional rollcoaster. I'm like 4 years, could be down the drain and I have invitation out...what the heck. I'm definitely not feeling very spiritual right now. Ironically, that's one of my main outlets for this predicament ( I have been singing y'al..It's time for me to get back on the praise team). This situation is almost comical, I'm so perplexed, I have to laugh. If I don't graduate this semester...I'm done! I have to walk way. I'll get a job in Corporate America that will pay me what I will make without the darn degree. That's the part that gets me. The job that has the potential to pay me the most, I could get without this darn degree. I have the skills and the hook up, aint that some bleep.

The conference was hecked...I'm so out of juice for my organization and I'm still getting e-mails, calls from businesses and brothers. What is this all about? Leave me alone people! However, my chapter did win chapter of the year (under my admin. I might add)! And I won brother of the year! Go me..It meant nothing, b/c I was so over it. Highlights: the chapters verbally fighting each other with subliminal message stating who was the best chapter. A workshop I wrote caused some brothers to strength and/or fix their relationship with each. A brother from Boston flying in. We haven't seen each other in so long, it's was great. We are really good friends, so to see him and kick that weekend was great. He enjoyed himself and I was pleased! Now I have to figure out how to pay for making sure my brother having a good time.
"Scared"-Uncle Luke (this reminds me off my crunk days..high school dances)player on shuffle


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