Monday, October 24, 2005


Okay, last week I was a the crunk side a little bit. I don't think I was crunk, I was just stating the facts. Most brothers thought I was just stating the facts, but I was completely uncensored. My question is, what can u do against the truth? NOTHING! I didn't take any shots at the person's character or personality; I just stated that they performance on their duties were offensive and disrespectful. Once Boss saw my e-mail he told me I was nasty, unprofessional, and short of rude. He agreed with my bottom line, but didn't agree with my delivery and told me he wouldn't have my back. He concluded by making some frivolous claims in the e-mail. He got a trite e-mail back letting him know I didn't ask nor did I need anyone to have my back. I discredited all of his frivolous claims with the facts. I concluded by tell him I would talk to him later. Boss is use to everyone backing down to him. He is known throughout Florida to be the brother that runs the show. That buck stopped last week! He and I are really good friends, so it goes beyond the organization, but he came at me wrong and I had to let him know he is not exempt for getting put back into place. He called and he tried to get something stirred up, but he quickly agree to disagree. "You're a smart guy, very perceptive" were my words to him. He had no leg to stand on. He actually was agreeing with me when he was trying to argue with me, which for the most part I said nothing. I was letting him dig himself into a hole, but before I could bury him he agreed to disagree. We went back to our usual conversation, which was fine with me, but I was so ready to SHUT HIM DOWN! But we are good now. I did apologize if his feelings got hurt during any correspondents, but in all honesty he did it to himself. My intentions are never malicious, so apologizing with sincerity if your feelings are/were hurt is nothing to me. However, he is the one who continued the correspondents and got at me first without facts. If he had the facts I would have gladly admited to any wrong doing, but since I was smart enough to keep my emotions out of it all of my points were valid.
After getting calls from Tampa to Tally Ho, running all over town, paying and collecting money for this organization, I'm still faced with a shady leader (whom I wrote the e-mail to) who continues to throw me under the bus. Of course, b/c he is our leader I have to defend him publicly, but in all honestly I want to kick his Godblessit from time to time. Now I have another brother whom has been talking to everyone about his beef with this council and I've calmed him down a bit, but now he is coming at me. I'm trying to decide whether I should eat him alive or not. I know to some degree this is our leader working his magic. Getting ppl off him and on me. I can accept that, nothing new. To be honest, I don't have anymore crunkness left. I had to be rejuvenated and at this point I'm so solution oriented I don't have time to fight with someone who is just not a happy person. Apparently, he has had beef before I got on the council (I'm doing some interim work), so I don't know what to tell him, but he is going to mess around and get the uncensored, straight up rude, non solution oriented brother. I have a 3 time rule (it's flexible, but in general this is how it goes). You try me once, it probably was a misunderstanding or a mistake. I'll let it ride. Second time I will let u know whatever you are doing is not going to work. Third time what's your problem, str8 try it again and I'm going to make u regret the day. This brother is rounding 3rd. How should I deal with this...brotherhood can be a freak'in pain. Should I call back? If I do what how should I respond? I'm very good at calming ppl down and helping them be rational, but from what I'm hearing this person has lost all rationale already, so that's not an option.


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