Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm coming back

Don't give up on me yet. I'm coming back, my internet will be back up on Friday (I have finagled something together for time being). Yes, I'm back home (mom's house-4 months and counting) and this will surely be a humbling experience. I think I moving back home is a good for me...I need to get that stability. I'll give some updates real quick. I had this big thing I was going to do about my apartment and other things I took pictures and all, but it's 5am and it's not going down, so this blog will be picture free. Pictures take too much work uploading adding to picture thing and then put on blog-NO!

I'm still not unpacked completely. Moving from an apartment to a room and putting some stuff in a closet is not an easy transition. I found some old things from my years in school. On my 4th grade report "truth is a good student, but needs to get his temper under control." I laughed at that mess...I use to whip bleep something wicked. lol. I'm still not adjusted to stay home-I don't think I will. Do this, could u hand me that, you should do this, this is how u do this, could u help Ms. so and so, NO, SHUT UP! I feel like I'm married with out the benefits and all of the burden. I love moms though, that's my homegirl, but this staying together is going to be something. If anyone is in the situation feel free to give me some pointers or share your aggravation. This is a smart move though-I willn't have to pay rent, which gives me a chance to save a little (I will pay something though-I'm not a bumb). I'm going to need all my pennies and dimes when I graduate (Dec.).

Is something I haven't really mention much on here. Well, my last semester is going to be a trying one, but I already claim the victory. Three major trials are facing me. 1) these fools aren't trying to give me any money....WHAT?! My fafsa was messed up by two digits on my mom's social, so it was sent to them as incomplete. I didn't get correct it until June, now they are saying they don't have anything to give me. I found that funny b/c the woman said that to me before (a month ago) and ended up giving me $1200 for work study, where did that money come from? So I have made up my mind...I'm going to aggravate them until they give me the money kinda like "Is there any money, yet?" every day several times day, b/c these grinches got the money. Actually, I'm going to talk to someone who has some skill or can direct to someone who can get the job done. Me broke is not going to happen...that's not even an option. 2.) I need to appeal to my college for this darn class. They charge u 3 x fee. Before y'all clown me...let me explain. When I took the class the first time. I was in there for a week and a half (my dad passed). The second time was Spring semester-everyone knows I did nothing last school term (I can count on two hands how many times I went to that class). I was just burnt out ( I couldn't get motivated or focused for the life of me), but I put on some awesome events for my school (can someone say Charlie Murphy-he is cool and crazy as all get out). 3.) I need to get either an A in one class and a c in the other or or two Bs to graduate. Both classes are difficult, so I'm looking/expecting a miracle-I can't take another semester). God move!

Girls, Girls, Girls
Okay, I mention before girls out of my pass are just popping up like popcorn. Well, like 2 weeks ago I went to my little cousin's graduation (pre-k) and I run into this girl who was friends with my best female friend. I didn't see here at first, but after a second glanced I noticed here and she was looking...uuummmhhh...dddeellicious (hahaha). Don't you hate when someone who was feeling you sees you and you aren't looking your best, but they are looking like DDDAAAA******. Cut my legs off and call me shorty. I smile and in the back of my mind "darn something told me to shave". "My hair already needs to be cut...I need to listen to my first mind sometimes". I play it cool, hugged her and moved on. Found a seat in this small church which was quite the task. During the graduation we are playing that game of "I'm looking at you, but if you look at me I'm not"(of course, she was looker and I was the lookee). It was real cute and what-not, but I knew not to take it there. She was looking like she could be a video chick though (typical long hair, bright skin, long legs (~5'10), nice skin, etc.). This girl had drama. She is like 3-4 years older than me-no problem. Child graduating with my little cousin (problem-not being funny, but nawl). Baby daddy was asking about me last time we every so slightly talked. She seemed midly depressed (even though she played like everything was cool-didn't fool me), and her ambitions were just low. However, this chick is mad smart, just met the wrong guy and had bad experiences-through her plan off WAY OFF-seems like she bounced back well. Key word: seemed.
Then we have Ms. Daytona, she called while I was in the NO...I haven't hit here back yet. I need to she is cool, but for some reason the chemistry was not there, sparks didn't fly-have u experience this? The person is cool and everything, but u just don't feel it. What is that about? The other chick is classic "Back Den" by Mikes Jones. Everytime this chick thinks you have that potential she's down with you, but when u are like the average dude, she is like blah. I told her I will call, so I will whenever that maybe, but I'm not feeling her at all, but she is persistent.

*Not having heat in your car, is not a good what's up? By the time you are where u need to be your sweated out, I'm in Florida-not having an a/c is a bad look and smell if your not careful
*My trip to the NO prove to me you can't go anywhere without running into someone from my darn school. I love that orange and blue love though!


At 8:57 AM, Blogger E_1979 said...

Moving home is a chore. go to my friend Nia's site and read about it

First young man ( I say that Like I am old or something). You end up spending more than you did on your own... don't ask me to prove this truth .. it happens we are still working on the formula.... So throw your momma something ... and force yourself to save... best bet a bank you don't have access to...... that way when you running low you don't dip in ....

As far as them in the past females... from what you say about girl with the kid.... You don't want to be tied in that .. Women with kids more than half ... dip back with the baby father.. many times this is their first love and it's hard to forget that first love especially when he can put it down if you get what I am saying ...

Next gone head and finish up school and do well man.... I wish on my life I had not goofed off before .. here my ass is a second go round student .. Aceing everything but like damn I shoulda done this before I wasted time being "burned out " unfocused ya know.....

Keep your head up ....enjoy the post.... enjoy the weekend

At 7:27 PM, Blogger e M I A 6 said...

yo, what part of fl you in?
good looks on the page, feeling the layout. ya dig?

At 9:47 PM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

moving home: don't have a routine, whatever you do. Just get Mom used to not knowing when you're gonna be in, or when you're gonna be gone. That way she doesn't fear for your life if you're a little late some day.Just make sure you do spend quality time with her so she doesn't feel all neglected.

re chemistry: Yeah, no chemistry. Happens all the time. It means you're human and you don't want to get with every single woman you meet.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Rod said...

I like your writing style. It's raw, conversational and visual. Keep at it... and proofread :-).

I had to go back and live with my parents a little later in life when I was 28 and did that for a year. Humbling indeed. Got to spend some quality time with the folks and got more focused spiritually and mentally. Did some of my best writing during that year.

Meeting women and thinking everything is cool only to find out that there's no real chemistry? Story of my life. I might write about it one day (actually I started to in my "Friday Night Blues" post).

At 6:53 PM, Blogger mytruth said...

Of course I will drop my mom something, can't be a bumb...not a good look. Saving alreay on it. Trust, I will leave homegirl alone.

I need to make sure I'm mindful of chillin' with mom.

Definitely is a humbling experience, I need it. Spiritually and mentally I'm already more focus. proofing never, posting is enough!

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Rod said...

My advice: Don't treat this like a hobby. You've got talent. Work to make this a career. You'll be surprised by what can happen.


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