Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's such a blessing

" I got to get myself together, cuz I got some place to go and I'm praying when I get there, I see everyone I know...I wanna go to Heaven"-Mary Mary ~"Heaven"(NEW ALBUM IN STORES-I only heard 3 songs all are good)

Church was awesome on Sunday! I/we serve a MIGHTY God! Everything was great from the beginning to end. The Young Adult Praise Team sung (I'm taking a break, but I shall return). No new songs, they just inverted every song 3 to 4 times...y'all better sing! The sermon was good, but the play that followed the sermon is what did it for me. It was so powerful and I usually don't care for the plays they perform. The play was about our many encounters with death (realized or not) and God's mercy covering us. However, sooner or later we will have to meet God. The question that was presented during the sermon and play was "will u be ready"? The altar call was crazy! About 30 people came to Christ, it was such an anointing in there. Everyone was broken...I was actually crying. I couldn't believe it...I lost myself and that had not happen in months. It's times like those that makes all the self-sacrificing worth it. This is my truth, my journey.

"Thank You Lord"~Mary Mary

What do u think of new layout?

Man, I have been working on this committee for my national office and it is something else.

I have shaved my hair so low, it's one step away from beginning bald. Next time it's going to be bald...trying to new things. I wore pink for the first time on Sunday.

My birthday is coming up! I need cash ppl ( I haven't seen a check, yet). I'm getting an MP3 player-5Gigs...I'll be jammin. So many ppl had birthdays last week.

Thanks to all of those who read and left comments on my last entry (that was a serious one...HIV/AIDS is so serious).

Work is what it is. (Yells in aggrevation, but keeps positive attitude)

Constantine is a good movie...I didn't like the ending...what about you?

I may not blog until next week. Mom has minor surgery plus my b-day


At 11:57 PM, Blogger Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha said...


At 10:59 PM, Blogger coley said...

Happy early birthday or belated birthday, depending on when you get this.... So exactly how old does that make you? I'm LMAO at you waiting for checks from people! LOL!!!


At 7:12 PM, Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Happy Birthday to you. Prayers for your mother and thanks for stopping by my blog. And hurry back to that praise team they need you!

At 8:51 AM, Blogger mytruth said...

Thanks to you all


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