Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Early this morning....

*A different world playing in the background*

I woke up this morning to some noise in my apartment, and I'm like OH GOD! These people are trying to kick me out! Before you think I'm crazy, these people sent me an e-mail last night saying your account is being sent to an attorney, you can no longer pay a late fee. I'm like WHAT?! I write them back and I didn't get a response. So I check my account for the second time to make sure I have my Is dotted and my Ts crossed because I'm ready to get them str8. Clearly, 832.50 was taken out of my account. I'm thinking to myself I'm going to have to tap into the martial arts that Cederic the entertainer taught me. It's called niggaplease! So while I'm stretching and get ready to bring out my best martial arts move. A scripture comes to mind. "They know us by the love we have for one another", so that calm me down. I was like I hear you God. When I get there, they clarify somethings for me and come to find out they owe me $1. I want my dollar back too, times are hard.

Next issue
I got towed yesterday. "I can't believe this, I got towed" (I start laughing). It wasn't funny once the $70 fee sat in my mind. I'm getting training for my new job and I get towed. What?! Trying to make money and I loose money....LIES! I had to go back to them this morning to get my door fixed, they broke my handle on the inside. I get there and the guy says "we couldn't have done that". I was like "I didn't do it and it was fine before you towed me". The guy was like "this doesn't make sense, we didn't do this". "There was no reason for us to touch it at all". "Well, just opening the door couldn't have chipped the door handle, so you guys broke it". We go back in forth and it doesn't make sense for either of us to have broken it, so he is like I'll look for a piece to replace it to be "nice". WHAT THE BLEEP! I was calm and I didn't trip. It's not worth going through all of the trouble, the darn handle only cost like $10-$15. Way to start the morning huh? All this before 11am.

The training was blah. They tried to pump it up, but I was like you can't really get all that excited about going over rules and regulation. I came an hour early, b/c my bruh told me the wrong information. that's enough for now. I'm ready to sleep now...y'all know I don't get up this early. I know I willn't be able to go back to sleep...DARN IT, it's worth a try.

Still give me your feedback on how to make this blog better. Any recommendation and/or suggestion would be great.

Doesn't most improved mean u sucked before?
Star looks weird with that big face and skinny frame


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