Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Show me the money

Listening to Lauryn Hill "Doo-Woop (live)" She back!!!! She even does a little mix over Amerie ~"one thing"

First things first, I need a suga momma. I know this is so regressive and I'm suppose to be a progressive brotha, but strange things happen when your in need of a little change. So if you know of anyone who is looking for a young man and who has some cash, let a brother know. I'm just serious. Make sure you tell her that I'm flier than a mothersucker. I've paid off my rent for the rest of my lease and I have enough money to pay all bills for the rest of the summer, but that's about it (that's kinda not true, but still-very few dollars will be left over). A brother has applied and interview for jobS. I don't know what's going on, but I am in need of cash and companionship, so why not kill two birds with one stone. Get the companionship and cash. The companionship is not that serious, the cash is. If anyone has any leads, follow up with

Second, why is it that we are validated by being in a relationship? I've heard and read some of the craziest things lately. Family members asking friends or fellow bloggers about their current relationship status or even worst asking other family members about their status. Each time the question has been ask, the answer has been, no and their family members are like why aren't they with someone. Next time someone asks that question, your response should be "because you set a bad example. Your relationships were so messed up they just discouraged me and completely distroted my views on dating or getting married, so I've decided to just sleep with everyone instead (smile and walk off)." They will know not to ask you that crap again. (sidenote Betty Wright is not a game) Back to the topic at hand, one of my homeboys has it bad. He has a great GPA, good attitude, everything and this nigga is stuck on the fact he can't get a girl that he likes. Now I agree, that there are very few things that can make you feel as good as having a women who you like and your attracted to (there is a difference, some women you find attract, but you can't stand them and vice versa) doting over you, but where is the self-validation. No this is not not an excuse for a single brother. It's a serious question. Who created this theory of a person completing you? I've never seen two incomplete things that are different completle each other. Should not we be complete and satisified with ourselves first.(sidenote:I don't think we can ever be complete..we should be growing and evolving always) Two half people are just going to bump against each other, trying to make themselves fit. Maybe we need to seek someone who compliments us, not complete us. We all are crazy, just find someone who is not so crazy. Find the most sane person you can meet and work with that. It's such a sad sight to see a hurt, insecure, bitter, immature person meet someone who is all of the above and they continue to damage each other. You're like aahhheemm this may not be a good situation for either of you, maybe you should split you know they will not do it, your like both of you are crazy. What's even worst is when a damage person meets a person who is in pretty good shape (hey, we all have dents and bruises) they don't know how to treat this person, which makes the person in pretty good shape think something is wrong with them. It's something about people who are hurt they draw those type of people and something about the chaos of it all that keeps them sane. The point is: "Get your stuff together, then worry about all this extra stuff." I'm not saying don't date, but make sure your stuff together.


At 3:20 AM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Look at you. A single brother giving advise on relationships. How many relationships have you been in? How successful are you?

All good things take time. I will give you that. I am all for complimenting the person and completing them. You need to balance the both of them. But I will never validate my selfworth through a relationship. That is for punks plus I am too self-centered...


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