Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A brother has been gone for a min. I know this is unacceptable! Shame on me. But I'm back that's all that counts, right?

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Where do I start? I could give you an update on what happen the weekend before last, but that's old now. This weekend was eventful and a nigga was snatched. Yeah, I was kidnapped. I talked about groupies, but I didn't know it would lead to me being kidnapped. My mom almost calls the police on me, and a good friend of mine has been non-verbally put in the "nigga please list".

Nobody could have told me that I would have been kidnapped. I mean who would mess with me? That is exactly why I was snatched, they knew I wouldn't expect it. A few girls that I know call me up and asked about parking for my complex , they were going to stop by briefly to say hello to some of the brothers, but they were there to see their sister who stayed two building over. I grab my cell-phone and go down to show them the parking spaces they were referring to. I show them the parking spaces and when we turn the corner to take me back to my place. I see the passenger's car in front of my complex. At that moment, I knew something was up. I called one of the brothers and I'm like they have me man, come get me, they trying to pull something. They hit the gas and try to grab my cellphone. They finally get it, and my bruhs just miss them. So here I am jumping up and down in the backseat like someone who has just been punkin' by Ashton. I'm like NOOOO, THIS CAN'T BE TRUE, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, DDDAAAARRRRNNNNN! They are laughing their heads off. So I'm like I got something for them. I try to unluck my door and jump out after flipping the locks both ways I realize the child lock is on..DARN IT! The driver has everyones windows and doors under her control. They take me to another sister's house. What they didn't know was that I'm from the projects and I use to run track. I pulled a jack move on those fools and got away (I had to come out of my shirt and flip flops). I was bucking on them, they couldn't catch me. I ran to one of my bruh's house, but I was unsure if it was his apartment number, so I don't knock ( I had on a wife beater and pj pants at this point). So I notice that they are coming from everywhere with their cars and I'm like darn...this is something straight out of the fugtive. Anyway, I siked a couple of cars out and tried to get to another aparement complex (my bruh was on call there), which is like 3 blocks away...I start getting tried about a block and a half into it (the complex is big as all get out by itself). I see the grand am coming. One person gets out and the other stays with the car. I decided to give up, they would have caught me b/c of the cars sooner or later. I get in the car and they take me to the sister's apartment and they are selling out something wicked. They try to take pictures and I'm like y'all not going to try me like a punk. I trun into warren sapp and start knocking them down (trying to get to the door..that doesn't happen). They tie me up...around my ankles, knees, and they put my hands behind my back. So a brother is stuck. They tried to put their symbol on me and all...I'm like heck nawl, so the little manuevering that I can do, I was doing it, I willn't be clowed. I couldn't be release until their demands were met. They wanted tampoons with wings, raw meat (don't ask), and nail polish with their organization colors. Of course, we don't take this lying down. We found the only sister they forgot to tell about the kidnapping and we kidnapped her, so we had to make an even exchange. We couldn't let it go down like that. We had a super soaker (remember those), not one of the regular ones, but the one with three squitters and a water container that held about 2 liters of water. Payback has not begun. We all end up chillin' at my place afterwords and watched white noise.

Do I need to call the police
My mom had been trying to get in contact with me all day Friday to help my cousin out with an application. He had the job, but needed to do the appliaction again, I checked the wrong thing when I filled it out the first time. I took him that him the previous day (thursday) for the interview, so I'm not trying to do that application over, because it takes about an hour. I don't think so! So I don't answer all day, so Saturday morning she is calling, I'm not answering. A couple of hours later I hear someone at my door...and I have a rule. If you don't tell me your coming you stay outside. That's your fault. So I stay asleep, then my phones ring again, this time, I answer. Boy what is wrong with you...I almost call the police. Where have you been, why you not answering your phone, I came her to bless you (cuss you out), but I'm not going to. So, my mother thought something serious had happen and she was about to call 5-0. I was like man.

*this post is getting long, so I not going to mention the friend thing, it's not that serious. We are alright...he is what he is.

*"There is always some frivolity in excellent minds; they have wings to rise, but also stray."-Joseph Joubert


At 12:23 AM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Friend? He? What he friend??? You be holding out - SHARE!!!

Did you dream that kidnapping? If not y'all have too much time on your hands down there in Florida.

At 1:40 AM, Blogger mytruth said...

I'm referring to the friend I mention in the previous blog...saying they were being like me.

At 5:53 AM, Blogger Dayrell said...

DAMN? They straight kidnapped you??? LOL! But why did that sound fun as hell though? I wish somebody would kidnapp me. ;)

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Larry D. Lyons II said...

welcome back.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger prodigalsun said...

Deltas tried to kidnap me when I was online too... I laughed at them, and kept walking... lol

I remember once I was hiding out in my deans room (actually my room, he took over my single and made me stay with my lb), and his girl and her delta girlfriend were in there. My dean couldnt go to this frat boatride, so he didnt want me or my lb to go because he knew the chapter bros would let us get wrecked and think it was funny.

So the bros are looking everywhere for us... and they are calling the room, knockin on the door, tryin to look in the window... and this delta beeotch was like... I should answer the phone and tell them yall in here...

I looked at her like... bytch, dont you know that I will knock you the fukk out...? the look was so serious that she was startled like dayum... lol

I didnt say a word, but the look alone had her apologizing and saying that she was just kidding... but I kicked her out of my room anyway, and DARED her to go tell anyone shyt.

Needless to say, I didnt go on any boatride that night... lol


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