Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friends how many of us have them......

I had to pull out a can of "I'm walk the dog on your punk bleep"

Y'all I haven't been this crunk in years. I'm a college student we are about the books and fun. So why am I grabbing cans of whip bleep? NIGGAS TRIFLIN THAT'S WHY! This particular person has been causing problem amongest the brethern...keeps up all type of foolishness. I'm no longer the President and I'm trying to step back, so the organziation willn't be dependent on me. I have been watching this one particular individual throwing rocks, planting seeds and hiding his hand. I'm like WOW...this nigga is showing out, thinking that no one is peeping game. Nigga, I got your penny and some change. I found out he has all type of confusion going on. Last night after a social with us and some home girls of ours. Some bruhs stay behind and we just start talking and one of them slipped and brought up something that the nigga was trying to pull. That open up a can...we talked until 4:30am.

This morning I woke up on some "I'll be your bleep" stuff. I was just hot, ready to knock dude out. All the work I've put into this organization and he is tearing it down. He of course, doesn't see anything wrong with what he is doing...he thinks it's cool, but he is causing division. The first 3 hours that I'm awake, I'm ready to whip some behind. I chill out. Another brother finds out what's goin on and he is like this "is so wrong...what's wrong with him?" "Why is he trying to embrass this person and cause division." I'm like "I don't know, but he is getting on my nerves". "He has been carrying on since last semester about various things and this one is a personal issue, what does it have to do with him? " He is really showing his behind on this one. Then, the bruh that's on the phone tells me he went to hang out with some other brothers and he has start mess of their. "WHAT?!" This has got to be a joke. I get very upset when ppl try to attack someon who they perceive to be weaker than them. And for the sake of God don't lie on me or put my name in anything I work hard at keeping intergrity and character. He messed up when he goes around telling another people I'm talking about them, WHAT?!

I started talking faster than I already do and I gave him my true feelings about this person and how they are acting. "This person has been tap dancing on a behind whippin' for sometime and he is going to fool around and get it". I call another brother he tells me about the same incident and that was just it for me. I turn my car around and "I'm like I'm going to his house and I'm going to get some straightin' now". "He better not come out his mouth wrong or he will get whipped on the spot". Said brother is like, let me come. No, I don't want an audience and that would make it worse. Both of us will be more crunker than we usually would be. "Well, call me after it's over let me know what's up." I drive their take my cellphone off, take off the timbs, and pop the trunk. I put on my Nikes and I knock on the door this nigga opens the door surprised.

This is kinda long...I finish it later. I'm not trying to piss y'all of, but it's almost 5am and I started this at 11, but I was interupted. My mom friend who is 50+ was jumped by two women, because she offended them by being too prissy and cute. WHAT?!


At 6:50 AM, Blogger Suezette b.k.a. Mz.Black Geisha said...

Damn make we wanna start doing that chant from a long time ago...I bet chu won't get krunk...I bet you chu won 't get krunk...get krunk...get krunk...lmao.
Shady people are always lurking.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger The Divo said...

I have never been here. But I can concur with everything you said. I am anxious to know whether this is a fraternal order that you are a part of.

If that is the case, lay your head on my pillow. I go through these battles each day. I am a charter chapter member.

So if you need encouragement through this one. Just holla.

As always in Parting,

I came in Peace, and in Peace I leave.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Okay I know you are upset but if you are going to bleep out curse words, reframe from using ni%%a as well. Just a suggestion...

You know I am interested in knowing the conclusion of this story. Lets see where it goes. Knowing you, I am sure you didn't fight him.


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