Monday, May 09, 2005

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Art of Noise~"Moments of Love"

Mother's day....was good, nothing special (the food made it good). My bruhs came over to eat, my mom invites them, because she wants to be noise really. And if it takes cooking a lot of food to find out who is who, she doesn't mind. It was good seeing the family,laughing about everything, and catching up.
*Change of music*
Kelly price~" I know who holds tomorrow" (this song is that's on an old album)

While briefly thinking about the Whys and the Whys. I come across the unemployment issue. Why can't I get a job? I'm marketable as all get out. I've worked with a $50,000 budget, a $13,000 budget, I've management many people (like 25 ppl) and did a darn good job of it. So why can't a brother get a job? If someone could give me the answer to that, I would appreciate. I've had like 4 or 5 "2nd interviews". One I turned down, but the others I don't know. I had a phone interview today and he tells me what I'm going to do. Your suppose to ask the questions and I give the can't do both darn it. Basically, I didn't get the job because I'm not from the area; and they think if they train me I will not return to the company. Did I not tell this dude, that I have family members in that city and that I'm somewhat familiar with the area. He still persist that I will not return to the company. He likes me, so he wants me to send him my resume AGAIN. He wants to refer me to someone who is in my district. I'm like forget it, I've already interviewed for my district, I didn't get it.
*Bilal playing...does he remind anyone of Prince?

Another concern, school. I didn't do well at all this semester. I didn't get mad, because I didn't do anything...I mean nothing. I didn't go to class neither did I watch class (yeah, we can watch class online), which makes it worst. So now in order to graduate a brother has to get an A or a C+ in one of the toughest class on this campus (grade in this class depends on grade in other class they must avg. out to be a 3.2). I"m like Darn it! How did I get into this mess? Last year this time and brotha was on the National Dean's List. I couldn't sleep Saturday because I'm trying to figure everything out. I wasn't being completely lazy, I was truly burnt out. I had nothing to give and the other half of me was just lazy. Well, lacking the motivation to do the work. This summer break will do my soul some good.

Do people not know what Sabbatical means...I told people I'm taking a sabbatical, these niggas are still calling trying to get me to work....NO, NO, NO!


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