Sunday, May 22, 2005

I've been tagged plus more

1.Dinner Date

Dinner Date:
I left out the details last time, so here it is. We were suppose to meet at 6:00pm to go out to eat. She calls me a little before 5 and says lets meet at know I have to be late. I'm like cool. We decided to go to some Mexican restaurant. Apparently she loves the nachos. She calls me like 6:20 and says "I'm 15 mins. away". I'm like how are you late when this is your side of town. She laughs and is like "you know a nigga can't be on time". She arrives we greet and start talking about everything. She is going to graduate school at the University of Michigan. She will get her Ph.D in African American Studies. Her package is alright, I was expecting her to get more money. She will receive like $11,000 and this excludes insurance and stuff (she gets that off of gp). We basically were talking about her future and what she wants to go. She should be going to Chicago this week. We talk about my future plans. Laugh about the scholar program we were in together. This program was full of madness. We had good conversations shared some laughs and the food was good. However, there were no sparks flying. It was nice being out with a lady, but that's it. We hugged, took a picture for old time sake, and left. I paid for the food...which is something I was debating on. A brother is currently unemployed (lol). I was a little displeased that she ordered this extra side and didn't use the it. The side cost half of her meal. I'm like are you fo'real...but it was cool. She called that following Monday, I didn't answer. I was in a different zone then ( I already said I can be distant at time). She didn't leave a message, so I thought it wasn't that important.

The photo came out nice, but I didn't want it to be nice. I wanted it to be Great! Everyone whom I've had shown the picture to thinks it's nice. They are like man that fit is tight...should they expect anything less from me? I want to post it so bad, but then I may have to water down my post. I want to put whatever I want on here and not think twice about it. Also, looking at the picture I really don't see the previous comparisons I mention. The bone structures are similar and the skin tones, that's were they get it from. Other than that nothing

He is alright, he decided to stay with his mom. All of his stuff is still over here. We had a slight problem on Wednesday morning. He comes to my house before 8am and my head had hit the pillow all of an hour (my sleep pattern is off). I didn't know who it was, but I knew they were not getting in to 205 (apt. number). At first, I thought it was my freakin' roommate, it wasn't him, it was victim. This boy bangs and rings like crazy. I mean he is hitting my door off the hedges and I'm like whomever that is will stay outside. I'm extremely pissed off! After 7 mins of str8 bangin' he left (I think differently about 7 mins.'s a long time).

STILL NO JOB. Went to a community job fair, but those jobs weren't for me. I have to follow up on this job lead on Monday. Monday will be job search day-blah.

This has been interesting week. I have been aahhmm...horny. AARRGGGHHH!!! Monday and Tuesday were just a know I was tempted to settle the issue myself, but I can't do that either, so I just held out. Wednesday was cool. Thursday I was sleep, but not in a deep sleep (you all know what I mean) and I was beginning this off the chain sex dream (homegirl was about to get served), so I woke up before it got too deep. I'm like AAARRGGHHH. 4real you need to teach me how you control these dreams. Just to let you know...when your dreaming about flying, your dreaming about sex (wink) or that's what my teacher told me in high school (don't ask). Friday was the finale (this furthers my question about our biological functions and waiting...this is another blog). Sexual desires calmed down after that, but it stills in the back of my mind...lets see how long it stays there.

*Why was my one of my brothers on a date and the female decided to grab his bleep. I was laughing when he told me. I was like bruh are you serious? That was there first date and he told her straight up "you just blew yourself out of the water". She tried to act like she didn't know what she did, then she felt shame and was apologizing for days. He is trying to abstain now, but man I was rolling when he told me about this.

Sidenote: I think Rachel and Veronica bump clits. Sorry...just watched an episode.

I've been tagged by prodigalsun (sorry I don't know how to link). I don't do chain letters, but tagging me is alright.

10 Things I love........

2.) My organization
4.) Laughter
5.)good food
6.)good companionship (includes:good conversation, good hugs, all that good stuff)
7.)God (inspite of all these questions)
8.)Seeing other ppl happy
9.)dancing (which I haven't done in awhile)
10.)"me" time (get your minds out of the gutter)


At 8:31 AM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Now that is what I am talking about. No watering down there. Do just that - give us the business! *wink*

Yes man control your dreams. I had the craziest dream last night. It was so good I woke up and made myself go back to sleep to continue it. That dream had it all - magic, flying, trains, boats, mall, creatures, family, friends, and many strangers. I was about to save the world but I had to get up for work. That sucks! That is how Corporate America does it...

I don't know about anyone else but I want to see that photo.

Since you are so hard up for sex you should have a lot more "me" time. It works for me.


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