Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I've been had

Your boys has been gone for a minute, but I'm back with the jump off. Several things have transpired, but I"m going to focus on the events of last night. Have you ever been surprised at the actions of someone you are like "is this person fo'real"? Well I was tried like a punk bleep last night. I turned off all my phones, but I kept my house phone next to me just in case my mother was trying to get in contact with (my house phone lights up when it rings) and I notice this number shows up several times back to back. The first few time I ignored, but the number keeps showing up, so I answer after seeing it for like the 5th time. I answer, it's one of my good friends. Lets call him victim. Victim is on the other line saying he needs some where to stay he is at his moms house now. I'm like oh goodness what's going on NOW! The conversations goes like this.

Victim: I'm homeless, can I stay over your house tonight (don't be shocked by the word homeless..it will come together throughout the conversation).
Me: Oh God..are you sure you want to stay here? Last night was kinda crunk over here (roommate issue-once again).
Victim: Yeah, anything is good right now.
Me: I"m like alright you can stay over here.
Victim:Thanks-My mom will bring me over to your place sometime tonight. Sidenote: His mom doesn't like me, but she fakes like she does (Idunno why...but I have an idea).
*He calls me right back...there has been a misunderstanding my mom is going to bed.*
Me: Okay?
Victim:Can u come get me?
Me:I'm in my night clothes.
*he goes on and on and I agree. I pick him up in the park lot of the mall. He gets in my car and the conversation goes like this.
Victim: Thank You! I owe you one. I need to go to my brothers house to get my stuff
Me: WHAT! You want me to sit out in the projects with my night clothes on looking suspect...This is a mess.
Victim: It should only take 20 mins. You should have seen my mother face when I told her I was going to stay the night at your house.
Me: Wait!? You could have stayed at your mothers house?
Victim: Yeah
*I'm like H to the nawl....I have been had. You mean to tell me that I got out of my bed, drove over here and you were fine where you were. This has got to be a joke. Where is Ashton..b/c I've been punk'd. I'm kinda piss off..I know he is something else, but I was not expecting this.
Me: You are so self-serving. You got me out here in my night clothes and now you want me to sit in the park lot of the projects while you get your stuff. And God knows what is going on with your mother-now you got me in all this mess and I don't have anything to do with anything.
Victim: I know, I owe you big time.
Me: I can't believe this.
*I was really tempted to go off, but in his mind he was truly homeless and he was distress, so I held it together and was silent for awhile.
* I wait in the parking lot of his brother place for 30 mins. While everyone is walking around with their liquor carrying on. I was not afraid, because I grow up in that environment, so I was not freaked out, but I couldn't believe it I was there that time of night in my night clothes.

On the drive back to my apartment we just had small talk. We discuss where he will stay. He will stay with his uncle, which will be interesting. His uncle is kinda militant (one of those guys from the army) and he is a little "extra" from time to time. I have a high tolerance, but he honestly gets on my nerves from time to time. I'm like what is going on with you. Turn yourself down-he a good person though, so I can over look that, but man. Once we get to my house we chill, crack some jokes, watch Kings of Comedy and Madea "Class Reunion". He talks about how bad his life is and I was really getting weary listening to him, so I put in the movies. I hate ppl who always make things seem worst than they are. I"m like see it for what it is. You don't have an apartment with your name on the lease-get over it. You have somewhere to stay, make due until you can do better and move on. For God sake stop saying your homeless. Technically you are, but he makes it seem like he is out on the street. GGGGGOOOOOODDDDDD!

What do you all think about this? Give me some feedback.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Hey man your boy needs to step his game up. He is not homeless, he just irresponsible. There is no reason for him not to be at his mother or uncle's house. Sounds to me a case of a man that feels he is too old to have to listen to grown folk but don't have a bucket to piss in of his own. You are doing the right thing by being a friend but don't enable him.

I have a couple questions that need to be answered. Why did you have to pick him up at the mall? If he told his mother that he was going to stay with you, how was she sleep and unable to pick him up herself?


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