Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Encourage

Okay, I know yesterday was a bit much...sorry folks (lol). I'm back with and I'm a little bit more positive now. A little faith and prayer can give you a little refresher. I went and applied to all of the major department stores in the mall today. I even went to Target...somewhere inbetween me coming in and completing the application-they stop hiring, WHAT?! 30-40 mins. gone. However, that didn't dent my swagger...I am me and I don't have pitty parties for long (sorry again for yesterday). So I decided to hit up the mall and I filled out 4 or 5 applications, so we will see. Yes, a brother has been reduced to working somewhere were high school students can work with no problem...isn't this a mess.

Also, a lot of the frustration...I've just chopped it up to just being human-life happens, you know. Everything will not come together in your timing ("Accept what God allows"-great song). Somehow some of that frustration turns into sexual frustration...don't ask me ( I just live in my body, I don't understand But just to let you know I'm just fine. Lesson for yesterday: "[you have to] accept those things that are not worth having"

"Somebody loves you baby"-Pattie Labelle


At 8:42 AM, Blogger No4real4real said...

Yes! Somebody does love you baby...

Hey man, don't fret. You will find a job. I am happy to hear you are giving the mall a chance. Good job!


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