Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Do I need to get crunk?

I come home after running around for an hour or so and who do I find, my roommate..WHAT! Roommate matching is that BS. I'm shocked because he was suppose to be transferred and apparently he is not. Why should he be transferred? Where do I begin.....he is not a college student and these apartments are typically for college students, he is 28 years old, he is an alcoholic, he smokes and he smoked weed in the house. I have to tell you the smoking weed story b/c this was really crazy. But let me acknowledge the h0norable mention incident first: He throws up on the patio and doesn't clean it's there still now.

*this is the story.....
My organization had an even that night and afterwords some of us go out to eat. I return to my apartment with my bruhs to find the heavy scent of reffa in my house....I'm like "fo'real this has to be a joke". My boys are tripping out they think this is hiliarious, b/c they know I don't like dude already. I"m like he has to go, but I'm playing it cool, not trippin' he is grown, do you playa. However, you will not do it in here and fill up the whole house. Smoke in the bathroom or something, so that it can stay in your room. I go and get the air freshner and start sparying.

* conversation in my roommates room

My roommate: "my roommate is about to start Bitching" I have never address homie before at all, so I don't know what he is talking about.

girl in room: "Fuck that ...blah, blah, blah"

*I'm like are you fo' people don't hear this, so I played it cool for like a minute. Then, I begin to talk junk too; girl in the room decides to get real cute. She opens the door

girl in room: "it smells real good in here, huh"

me: "I'm like so we smoke weed now, huh"

girl in room: "Oh no it's not like that" (still being cute)

me: "since you want to be a comedian we will see how funny it is when he has no where to stay"

*they leave shortly thereafter, but my roommate returns

Next morning (Saturday) mother and I go to management to get him out that day. Well, managment doesn't work on Saturday. My mother wasn't having it...she goes off making all types of claims and it escaltes to people being called Bs and Mfs, etc. Then, one girl makes a mistake. BIG MISTAKE...she touched an angry black women...(the blog worlds starts, oohhingg) my mother starts really cussing her out and she took that step back and looked her up and down, which means you are about to get knocked the bleep out. Then, I stepped in and took over from there. We meet with management on Monday. I ran that meeting and they are like he will be why is he still here. Do I need to get crunk again, what do you think?


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